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The top concerns of inspection centers everywhere are the accuracy and durability of their inspection devices. Our unit is used by the #1 manufacturer of gas cylinders in the US. We provide a complete service center for annual calibration, repairs and custom probes! See what else we have to offer!

Visual Plus 3
Endorsed by major cylinder manufacturers, Visual Plus 3 is the best inspection technology you can buy today - and because of its exclusive software and versatile calibration features, Visual Plus 3 will be the equipment of choice for inspecting all aluminum alloys in the future.
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Visual Depth for Visual Plus 3
VisualDepth for VisualPlus 3 is an accessory that allows you to precisely measure and record the depth of internal and external corrosion pits in high pressure SCUBA cylinders. Internal probe consists of a rotating measurement head containing a video camera and a precision linear encoder which allows pit measurements at the bottom, sidewalls and most of the cylinder neck. A simple external probe with a precision linear encoder allows quick measurement of external pits anywhere on the cylinder. Both internal and external probes have accuracy of +/- 0.003" (+/-0.07mm).
[User Manual | Brochure]
Probe Driver for Visual Plus 3
The newest advance in Visual Plus 3 technology. This accessory allows you to drive the probe in and out of the cylinder utilizing the supplied screw driver at speeds up to 150RPM. Increases the inspection speed and decreases fatigue associated with manual probe turning.
[User Manual]
Optical Plus
AIT introduces OpticalPlus thread inspection microscope with the highest magnification (4X), clarity and lighting capability available - surpassing anything you have used in the past.
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O Ringer
The O Ringer can restore cylinders lost to O ring corrosion and is authorized for use by cylinder manufacturers.
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Cables, standard and metric probes, marketing materials
Dental mirrors
Luxfer SCBA Cylinder Inspection Guide
Luxfer SCUBA Cylinder Inspection Guide
Visual Plus
Original Visual Plus eddy current testing unit has been discontinued but you can still download software and the user manual. We are looking to get everyone updated to the new technology of Visual Plus 3. We are frequently offering a trade in value to help with the upgrade for existing customers.
[Download Software | User Manual]

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