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Visual Plus 3

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Welcome to Visual Plus software archive.

Attention USB to Serial Adapter Users!!! Please note that if you are using a USB-Serial adapter we only recommend and support SIIG USB-Serial adapter, part number JU-CB1S12-S3. There are other brands that may work but this is the only adapter that has been extensively tested. There are some adapters that WILL NOT WORK: Radioshack USB-Serial adapter and IOGear USB-Serial adapter.

Latest drivers for SIIG USB-Serial adapter are located here:

Attention VisualDepth Users!!! In addition to SIIG USB-Serial adapter drivers above you will also need to download and install drivers for Diamond Media VC500 capture device located here (click on Support & Downloads tab, download SOFTWARE UTILITY/APPLICATION COMPLETE PACKAGE):

Please note that if your VisualDepth was purchased in 2015 or earlier it may need an older driver for VC500 or a VC600 driver. Please contact us if the driver above does not work properly.

For subsequent updates you only need .msi installation file below.

VisualPlus v3.7.7.4.msi Version, 5/15/2016 - Current version.
VisualPlus v3.7.7.7.zip Version - Latest version executable file only, install v3.7.7.4 first. Download and extract visplus.exe to Program Files (x86)\Visual Plus folder. Run visplus.exe from this folder (or create a shortcut to it). 

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