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A.I.T. Response to Luxfers’ New Inspection and

Replacement Policy for SCUBA Cylinders


Advanced Inspection Technology has received multiple inquiries regarding Luxfers’ new policy and wishes to publish the following statement in response:


Because there is evidence that not all cylinders manufactured of aluminum 6061 alloy are immune to cracking, it is our position at A.I.T. that all aluminum cylinders regardless of alloy or date of manufacture should be tested with Visual Plus. We make this statement with the caution that the Visual Plus is not the ‘Be-all and End-all’ nor does it replace the visual inspection, it is simply the very best tool available to locate and remove from service potentially dangerous, cracked cylinders.


To date, Luxfer has not detected cracking in cylinders manufactured from their proprietary 6061 alloy, nor has A.I.T. Therefore with respect to Luxfers’ policy re 6061 alloy we suggest employing the following guidelines when testing cylinders manufactured from this alloy.


·         The Visual Plus machine must be set up correctly each and every time it is used (consult owners manual).

·         When an imperfection is located the indication must be a sharp, crack-like spike which is equal to or greater than ˝ the total size of the LCD screen on the Visual Plus machine. (Rounded spikes or rolling hills do not constitute crack-like indications)

·         The probe sensor should not travel more than 1/8 inch to create the spike (consult Technical update July 22, 1998 or www.visualplus.net).


When indications meet or exceed the above criteria in MORE than three consecutive threads in the same position, the cylinder should be examined at that position for any visual evidence of cracking. If visual evidence is present at this time the manufacturer should be consulted.


The investment you made when purchasing the Visual Plus system indicates your concern to employ the very safest procedures available. Therefore it is at your discretion to test or not test every cylinder that enters your facility. Remember; safety first and there are still millions of 6351 alloy cylinders that must be tested with Visual Plus.


We would also like to take this opportunity to remind all of our valued customers that Advanced Inspection Technology is the sole supplier of Visual Plus and Visual Plus products, we are also the only authorized repair facility for Visual Plus.

It is recommended that you do not submit for service or register your Visual Plus Machine with any facility other than A.I.T.


Please update your files and submit any questions, concerns or comments re this statement to:      

            Advanced Inspection Technology

            14020 Eagle View Rd.

            Lake Mathews, CA 92570 USA

TEL: 1-909-776-9994     FAX: 1-909-776-9995    WEB: www.visualplus.net


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